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I dated plenty but didn’t have a long-term partner till I was closer to thirty-one than thirty.

It wasn’t planned. In fact, I did my best to exit the super single life. All those years of mostly horrible dates interspersed with a few good ones led to internal growth I couldn’t have dreamed of as a 13-year-old. The NYE parties without someone to kiss, weddings without a date, nights solo in my own space learning my passions helped shape me into the strongest version of myself I could be.

Everyone has different life experiences. Some are more common. I’ve met…

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Recently my boyfriend and I celebrated one year together. We ended our Saturday in his favorite local bar. It’s the one we could walk to from his house despite the dropping degrees. We sat in one of the tiny booths that can barely fit four grown adults. It’s why he loves it—the inherent intimacy.

It’s not fair.


That your first relationship is this. It’s not fair to me or my friends or anyone else who has had their hearts broken.

Aww, sorry, I missed the part where we were supposed to break up. …

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It was never intentional. My perpetual state of singleness started as an accident more than by choice. At thirty, I entered my first long-term relationship. I now had a boyfriend, a partner in life, a significant other—what a strange new experience.

Most people cross that bridge in their teenage years or early twenties. From serious to silly, first loves to life partners, most experience love and some form of long-term before their thirties. I tried. I really did.

I wanted an epic first love at fifteen. Unfortunately, the boys at my high school were uninterested. Fortunately, I never dated one…

Laura Crabtree

Writer and marketer. Passionate about empowering women and helping others on their journey by sharing my own.

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